Sunday, January 13, 2013

BMA Works 2008-2010

Spring-cleaning my computer today had me find some works I created while studying for my Bachelor of Media Arts - Visual Arts. It's funny how you look back on works you made while still in the learning phase; it's almost a tad embarrassing! In all fairness, these works are from 2008-2010 and I was really proud of them! My favourite was, and still is, my owl screenprints... I had so much fun doing these. They're quite fiddley, but so worth it. I wish I could do screenprinting at home! -->

For this typography assignment, we had to choose a text on our phone and create a typography banner from it. I received this text from a good friend living in Australia. Because I live in New Zealand, I am always several hours ahead, seemingly "living in the future". Also seen on KeepDelete, Andrea Wilkinson's blog, Visual Mag and the Mediarts site showcasing a selection of the best first-project type assignments, printed on banners.
This is what I came up with --> 

This is a range of eco-friendly baby gear packaged in egg cartons I created for an assignment. This was to re-contextualise an existing packaging concept, and produce a new range of a new product. I still have these, and have decided to give one to a friend at her baby shower --> 

After seeing Jessica Hische at Semi-Permanent, Auckland, I was totally inspired by her style and it kinda rubbed off onto one of my packaging design assignments. Here are some illustrations I made for Pams fruit salad, chocolate fudge cake and homogenised milk -->

This was a challenging assignment; we had to design a new 5 Vela note (a new currency used throughout the pacific ocean islands). When you actually look at notes, they're quite boring in design, yet very very complex. However, I learnt a whole heap about Illustrator completing this assignment and was quite happy with the overall design -->

This is an annual report I designed and self bound for Environment Waikato for an assignment. This was a collaborative project with a third year photography student who took photographs according to a brief set by myself. Doing perfect binding yourself is hard work and takes time. I thought the result was fantastic and it still holds together to this day --> 

This is an eco-concious, creative arts magazine I designed and produced as a proposal for an assignment. This magazine was meant as an inspiration source for students which featured artist reviews, events and a chance for students to have their work featured, which is exactly what I did, I had a fellow student's illustration featured on the cover. Looking back, I really should have featured my own work -->

This project was to comprehend the relationship between typography and communication, and investigate the role of typography as a visual vocabulary. It was also to attain an understanding of the interrelationships between typography and other design elements; as well as a process which advances the structured and reflective refinement of a visual situation. We were given news articles to design for; I had Safe sexting? No such thing, teens warned and chose to emphasize the quote, "don't think about the consequences" -->

I was a tad obsessed with Tim Burton movies, short films and poems in 2010 so I produced these Tim Burton inspired screen printed singlets (plus swing tags, labels, postcards, logo)  for an assignment to explore a range of requirements for fashion production. Any excuse to screenprint again -->

I picked up an extra paper during my third year and chose to do photography. I wish I had chosen this from first year; I enjoyed this so much! My car suffered its first and only scratch from driving into an alleyway, but the photographs I captured were just so exciting and even more so when you watch it slowly develop in that darkroom -->

Well that was a lovely walk down Memory Lane. And just to finish off, here's an awesome award I was honored to receive for awesomeness. Well, for design excellence, but it made me feel pretty awesome. 

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