Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chivalrous Doorstop

I got a very fitting and ideal gift for my birthday from my parents; a sewing machine! My dear fiancé has been using a weight to hold the door open lately so I thought, what a perfect opportunity to use me new tool and make a doorstop!

This is the first thing I’ve made using a sewing machine since 2010 when I made tote bags from old curtains for an assignment. It was so easy I just had to share it!

Here's how to make easy-peasy doorstops:

First cut out six fabric squares, two of each colour (measuring 6in x 6in). I used a cardboard template so I could cut as many as possible to make more.

Using two colours, pin the edges of 4 pieces together (right sides together). Using a 1.5 cm seam allowance sew each until you have a long strip of 4 pieces.  Now join the two ends in the same way and sew them together so you’re left with a topless/bottomless cube.

Gently turn your cube the right way out and poke the corners out with your fingers. Now fill your cube with dry rice, lentils and/or sand. I filled mine with all sorts I found in the pantry. Then hand-stich the hole closed.

Ensure you have the right sides of fabric facing inwards, pin another piece of fabric to the top and sew it closed. Take your time, making sure your corners don’t get all scrunched up. Repeat this for the bottom, but leave a gap/hole in the middle (5-7cm wide).

Hope you're proud ma!

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